5 Crucial Tips For First Time Weed Smokers

About to smoke weed for the first time? Weed smokers often try to learn about the possible effects before taking cannabis, marijuana, or any type of weed. Most people believe the word of mouth when it comes to the effects of intoxicating substances.

It is hard to predict the effects as no two weed smokers share the same experience. Different buds, strains, and products affect each individual differently. 

Follow these top 5 tips when smoking weed for the first time to enjoy this unique experience to the fullest.

5 Crucial Tips For First Time Weed Smokers

Before you start, make a note of the THC content of the strain as novices should only smoke weed with moderate levels of THC, preferably 2.5mg.

Whether you are smoking weed for recreational high or medicinal benefits, here are a bunch of tips worth considering.

Drink Water When Smoking Weed

Cottonmouth or dry mouth is one of the side effects of smoking weed, therefore, have a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated. The mouth’s receptors stop producing saliva when smoking weed.Now you can order weed delivery in Canada.

Keep your mouth moist by drinking water, it is better to drink plenty of water before smoking. It also helps with coughing as novices often cough when smoking for the first time.

As per the reputed Bustle Magazine, keep at least sixteen ounces of water with you before you begin smoking.

Clear Your Schedule

Since it can not be predicted how you will react to the herb, therefore, it is best to clear your schedule beforehand or smoke on weekends when you have nothing planned.

Weed can make you tired, heavy-bodied, nervous, giggly, or confused. Moreover, the high may last longer than expected, so don’t smoke when you have somewhere important to go. 

Start Small

Be mindful of the type and dose to learn how your body reacts to the weed. For first-time weed smokers, the suggested dosage is 5 milligrams, ideally, 2.5mg. 

Start small with a joint, blunt, or bowl. Do not start using a bong or dabs straight away as it will produce stronger effects.

Don’t Smoke Alone

Create a positive, safe, and comfortable environment to enjoy your first session. Surround yourself with people you are comfortable with and trust. They can take care of you if you pass out or handle other unpleasant situations. 

Since there is no way of knowing how you will feel, taking a mind-altering substance for the first time alone would be a big mistake. 

Play Relaxing Music

Novices are often too-stressed before the session, music will put you in the right mood. Play your favorite song to add a new dimension to the smoking experience. 

It makes the experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming, you may find yourself singing and dancing to the background music.

Wrap Up

First-time doing weed requires a bit of preparation, use the tiniest amount at first in the company of good friends to see how you feel. 

Purchase weed for a licensed dispensary, do a bit of research, relax, and enjoy your first session. 

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