Anxiety and Kratom: Why You Should Use It

Kratom is a tropical Southeast Asia tree that practitioners of Eastern medicine utilize for treating medical conditions. The leaves or extracts from the plants are harvested and made into different forms like gummies, tablets, capsules, tinctures, and oil. Kratom produces effects similar to opioids, but it is not an opioid.

Anxiety is a mental health condition that can be difficult to treat depending on the treatment approach. Anxiety goes beyond fear and nervousness; it occurs when you have to tackle a problem and interferes with your ability to function. Anxiety is normal and helps us identify dangerous situations that need our attention.

 Kratom contains an active ingredient called Mitragynine. 

Mitragynine functions like opioids and binds to the opioid receptors in the brain. A 2017 review confirmed that Kratom might also enhance mood. Research also has it that Kratom can have sedative effects.

Does Kratom Work For Anxiety?

A 2017 study on Kratom reported that people who used Kratom for anxiety had a perceived reduction in symptoms. Another 2018 review 2018 confirmed this finding, revealing that Kratom reduced anxiety symptoms and enhanced the mood of people who used it.

Some compounds in Kratom interact with your opioid receptor. Depending on the amount of Kratom you consume, the interaction may produce effects such as pleasure, lower perception of pain, sedation, etc. 

Mitragynine is one such compound. It is energizing when consumed in low doses and sedative when consumed in high amounts.

 Kratom Strains For Anxiety

Kratom has a variety of strains. They are usually named after their source, like the red Sumatra Kratom is cultivated on the island of Sumatra, and the red Thai Kratom is planted in Thailand. Different strains of Kratom produce different vibes. 

There are various methods of consuming Kratom, such as smoking, swallowing, and vaporizing. The method of ingestion may impact how effective the Kratom strain is. However, no research identifies the most preferred way of using it to treat anxiety. 

Analyzing the Kratom strains for anxiety can be difficult due to a lack of research, so keep in mind that the list of Kratom strains is based on anecdotal reports. And the effects of each strain vary among suppliers.

Maeng Da

Maeng da is an all-encompassing name for several strains of potent Kratom.

It can be red, white or green. It is sought after for its stimulating and energy-boosting properties.

The green Maeng Da strain is known for its balancing and tranquil properties. It is a solid choice for anxiety. 

Some describe Maeng da as a stimulant, giving you an energy boost and reducing pain. 

Bali Kratom 

The many benefits of the ball Kratom strain have earned it a spot on the list of best strains. Its effects include stress relief, relaxation, change in appetite, and pain relief. 

There are different varieties of Bali that function differently- the red Bali strain, the white strain, and the green strain. 

The red Bali Kratom strain works for anxiety, relaxation, sleep disorder, pain, and mood-boosting. These effects can be gotten even from low doses. 

Thai Kratom 

The Thai Kratom originates from Thailand, as the name suggests. 

There are three types of Thai Kratom with different effects- green, white, and red. The Green Thai Kratom is famous among people because of its benefits. 

For anxiety, the green strain reduces social anxiety by killing stress and increasing feelings of confidence and peace. This strain is also remarkable for boosting energy, enhancing mood, the sense of well-being, and pain relief. 

Indo Kratom

As the name suggests, the Indo Kratom comes from Indonesia. The Indo strain is effective for pain relief, improved mood, relaxation, and good vibes. It is less stimulating than other Kratom strains and can be green, red, or white. 

The Green Indo Kratom is a reliably potent strain known for its stimulating properties. This strain gives immediate impact and has unique advantages- uplifting the spirit, calming mood, and boosting focus. 

With this strain, you are more likely to feel relaxed without anxiety. 

Malay Kratom

The name Malay Kratom Strain is derived from Malaysia. The strain is known to provide a balance between stimulating and sedative effects. It comes in red, green, and white varieties. 

The green Malay strain is commonly thought to help with anxiety, characterized by dark green color. Its effects are pronounced even with low doses. 


Kratom helps to relieve certain medical conditions. If you decide to take Kratom, start with small doses to monitor its effects. 

If you take Kratom for anxiety, consider learning about the risks because Kratom interacts with other substances like alcohol or medication. 

Discontinue use in case of severe side effects.

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