CBD for women’s health: Does it work?

You must have heard all the buzz about cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical you get from Cannabis. And the buzz is real. Not the one that you might be thinking of as it is a non-psychoactive compound, but it is quite an amazing thing when you are searching for relaxation. Especially regarding women and their health CBD has gained a lot of popularity in this sector. Women are actually liking what they are buying. Not underestimating the effects of other products, but some women also claimed that the health issues they had been facing for years while using other medicinal products were not giving them the satisfaction that CBD gives them. And the fact that it has an organic background makes it much more reliable and takes it up a notch.


Well, relaxation and sleep have always been advertised as one of the most important benefits of CBD; there is a lot more that you need to know. The high feeling that is associated with the consumption of weed and marijuana is not something preferable for everybody. But the effects of relaxation we can experience without the involvement of THC( which is the psychoactive compound) can be achieved by the consumption of CBD-based products. But it is not just the therapeutic abilities of CBD that entice a whole lot of women to buy CBD-based products. There is substantial evidence that CBD has the ability to provide relief in many health areas related to women.


Experts have been experimenting with the medicinal benefits of CBD and are coming up with new CBD-based products every day to help women with a lot of health issues. Usually, we find that women neglect their health a lot more than men. There are a lot of health issues that women face from a very young age. Every age has its own set of problems and issues associated with it. But when you are young, you often tend to neglect these issues, which can build up to become a much bigger problem as you grow up. The pain and discomfort can increase, and certain modern medicines prescribed by doctors might not be as helpful. Even medical practitioners are moving toward CBD-based products to counter these issues and give proper relief to the patient. 


Here are the different health issues women face every day and how CBD helps them.


PMS(Premenstrual syndrome):


As everybody knows, some of the most significant years of women go into the monthly cycle of menstruation. Studies have shown that today 80% of women on their period have experienced premenstrual syndrome before or after their period. When women are PMS say they feel a lot more bloated, and the cramps can be very bad( sometimes unbearable), the tender, swollen breasts just add to the pain, and body aches combined make it really difficult for women to carry out their daily chores let alone go out to work.CBD has been very helpful for women who are suffering from PMS. They find it very relieving and help them handle their mood swings and irritability due to the pain much more efficiently. It had been very difficult for Grace, an employee at Target, to get up and go to her job, but since she had been prescribed CBD-based medication by the doctor, she has been in a much better position. Getting the product was also not difficult as she had the prescription she could order from any DC weed delivery service without any issues.


Hormonal imbalance:


This is another very difficult situation that women have to face nowadays. Studies say that the uneven lifestyle and the inevitable job demands have made stress and anxiety a part of everyday work. Young women have started facing hormonal imbalance issues, which are affecting their period and giving women a tough time while on it. The issue is very serious, and more women than before are experiencing these issues, sometimes even leading to infertility. Doctors and experts are working hard toward curing the root cause and are prescribing medicines that can reduce the level of stress these women have to go through in their everyday life. In recent times it has been seen that medical practitioners are moving towards CBD products to reduce the mental stress their patients are going through and give them some relaxation. There definitely are ways in which mental stress can be reduced, like consuming Cannabis or THC strains like the harlequin strain, the lemon cherry runtz strain has gained a lot of popularity recently, but women who are not into THC can easily use CBD products prescribed by the doctors and have a lot of relaxation.




This is another big issue that is extremely hard for women to bear. Those who are suffering from endometriosis have to go through chronic pain. The problem arises because of a disorder where a similar lining (like the one inside your vagina) is formed outside. This affects the tissues around the pelvic region, fallopian tubes, and even the ovaries. To help women deal with such an intense issue, experts have worked day and night to find better medication. Modern medicine has a lot of potential, and it is still helping these women to hold up, but it doesn’t give any permanent solution to them. The pain is unbearable, and it is very hard for women to do anything when they are in such pain. This is where doctors have started prescribing CBD-based products like oil balms and other related products that can help men with pain related to this issue and, in a way, help them in reducing the suffering.




This is another issue that women have to experience once their fertile years end. The sudden chills, hot flashes, body pain, and backache can be challenging. Women have to deal with it under any circumstances. With the help of medicines, they can curb the pain and get some level of relaxation but depending on regular medicine is not something they are formed of. Doctors prescribe CBD paste oil and balms that help women reduce their pain by topical application of these products.


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