8 Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

1. Snacks are always handy

By using food as a masking agent, CBD oil can be disguised. After a while, you can take the oil and eat the food to replace the earthy taste with something better. The taste of full-spectrum CBD can be easily masked by even a single square of chocolate.

2. Chew gum or mint drops

Among the most aromatic herbs, mint is known for its refreshing essential oils, which are perfect for masking CBD oil’s taste. To use the tincture, simply chew gum, Tic Tac, or mints after swallowing it. Taking the oil with a mint in your mouth is also an option. At the end, people usually experience an earthy taste.

3. Maintain Good Oral Health

Consider brushing your teeth before taking CBD oil in the morning or evening. In this manner, the minty flavour will still be present on your tongue, minimising its taste.

4. Using your nose to breathe

Start breathing through your nose after applying the oil under your tongue. Despite the fact that this isn’t the best way to mask CBD oil’s taste, air won’t be drawn over your tongue, so you may feel less discomfort. It is even possible to stop tasting altogether by holding your nose. When you’re sick, can’t you taste food? Having a blocked nose makes your taste receptors less sensitive to flavours, which is why hemp extracts may also benefit from this method.

5. Get some water

The taste of CBD oil can be washed away with a drink after you swallow it, which may seem like a dead giveaway. A flavorful drink can mask more effectively than plain water, but even plain water will help. In order to remove the piney and earthy flavour of CBD oils, many users combine them with coffee. Consider lemon juice or a milkshake instead of coffee if you aren’t a coffee fan.

6. Put some honey under your tongue

If you want to mask the taste of CBD oil, honey can work wonders. With the liquid and CBD oil under your tongue, the tongue will be able to detect the pleasant notes rather than the unpleasant ones. Furthermore, it takes only a few drops, so there is no need to worry about extra calories.

7. Isolate CBD is a good option

The earthy taste comes from terpenes, flavonoids, oils, and waxes found in hemps, as noted at the beginning of the article. Rather than full-spectrum CBD oil, you can choose CBD isolate for a flavourless and odourless product. In addition to being pure CBD, this product does not contain any other compounds, so you won’t have to mask the taste of your CBD oil.

8. Using CBD oil to make edibles

Making CBD edibles is a fun alternative to dropping CBD oil under your tongue, as it provides better absorption rates compared to vaping. The taste of CBD edibles will certainly be improved. Mix CBD oil into your salad dressing or add a few drops to your cookie base.

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