Concentrated Hemp Oil’s Weirdest Possible Uses

Of all the compounds currently being researched for use as a therapy for any number of conditions, hemp oil is possibly the most intriguing. It is a highly dynamic field of study that relies on the base of ignorance from years of illegality in any number of states. It still is illegal in some despite studies proving that it is benign, but regardless, of all chemicals, this one is surprisingly useful for other things. Medicine may be its most common, and most contentious, use, but dig deep into any chemical and you’ll find all sorts of surprises. Let’s figure out some of the strangest possibilities for this oil together.

Hemp Plastic

Seed plastic may be among the strangest of uses for this new chemical. Hemp oil itself is what it is, a plant product with some unique properties but not many compared to things like the olive equivalent but combined with other materials it can form some very durable compounds. For medicinal uses, it could seem strange that this is one step away from plastic but check out any official website for medicinal CBD and you’ll find a whole range of concentrations that could point towards versatility in all industries.

In general, all lubricants are highly useful compounds. And, lubricant aside, some oils can be used for absorbing plastics and gasoline in environmental disasters. Oils are interesting in and of themselves, and scientists could fangirl for hours over this specific type of thing. Chemistry nerd aside, hemp is useful for reinforcing plastics and may have some seriously innovative industrial applications.

Cleaning Oil Spills

As I’ve hinted at earlier, fibers from plants are an extremely effective material for cleaning up manmade natural disasters like oil spills. Here’s how something like that can work. We’ll start by preparing the plant into special fibers that are highly absorbent. This includes the hemp oil by its nature, but it is usually treated as well. Once you have a mat of this fiber, then the real fun begins.

Cleaning begins by laying the absorbent hemp onto the spill, then once the oil is inside the mat you clean the mat off of beaches or away from the water. Oil spills are highly destructive, so knowing about the fiber and oil products that we can use to solve these mistakes is important. If the hemp doesn’t actually get any oil inside it, absorbing it away from the water, chances are it will just degrade like any other natural material. Hemp, CBD, and all its products are naturally occurring, meaning natural processes apply to break down this versatile compound.

Beauty Products

This material has numerous benefits for all industries but for the beauty industry, the versatility of this oily compound can make it excellent for skin products as a whole. If you wonder how CBD will benefit you, it may be worth explaining that CBD oil itself is often used as a topical treatment for chronic pain. This material is good by itself for the skin but combining it with other cream ingredients can create a wonderful concoction for modern beauty practices.

Hemp oil is an effective hydrator for individual skin cells and makes your pores hydrated without an oily shine that is typical of many products. If you are on the fence about the safety of this practice, be assured those allergic reactions are rare for hemp oil, and even with the small possibility of this it’s still worth trying since the benefits are well worth it. Be safe, follow directions, and this sector of the hemp oil industry will be open to you!

If you want to figure out some of the best skin care products using CBD, it’s easy to google these types of products, and even easier to find one that suits your needs. Even so, you can follow this link: to find some recommendations for even the most experienced skincare aficionados. Don’t take my amateur word for it, read reviews and do your own research before trying anything.

Fuel For The Future

Biodiesel is a valid means of future alternatives for fossil fuels. Extracting the seed oil, and then extracting the diesel from the seed oil can create a fuel that can work in any modern diesel engine. The flexibility of this method of fueling cars, tractors, and other machines, isn’t in question. But, the cost versus benefits of individual plant varieties could have scientists discard hemp in favor of a different, more effective, plant. This is an issue for the future, as much as funding alternative energies are.

In general, CBD is a highly efficient source of many key industrial applications that all innovators crave. Industries are constantly searching for various avenues for change. Any increase in efficiency is a huge boon to a particular factory or company, so as CBD becomes more societally acceptable you can predict that a number of people will be looking towards that for a safer, more efficient, and much more practical future for all of us. Even if it feels strange to put hemp on your skin, numerous chemicals have seen stranger uses.

For any product, do research on safety and proper use. If you play your cards right, the strange world of medicine and therapy will benefit you. CBD may end up being just one tool in a wide world of alternative and effective treatments.

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