Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There’s a wide array of different kinds of cannabis concentrates which differ greatly in potency, effects, consumption methods, and so forth. When you’re looking into the world of cannabis concentrates, but are unsure where to begin, this article is just for you! In this quick guide, I will briefly discuss two of the most popular concentrates out there today: shatterless and diamond. This article will cover these two different concentrates, how they work, and which is best for you.

Shatterless cannabis concentrates are shatterproof, meaning that the shatter remains intact upon contact with the oil. This type of concentrates is made through butane or HHO, which can be purchased online or in some cases, may already be in your vaporizer. When you utilize this kind of concentrate, you’ll want to use butane hash oil, which has similar effects to bho, butane has a unique burn. This concentrate burns relatively cleanly and produces a great deal of smoke, much like a joint.


Diamond extracts and concentrates come in two forms: oil and diamond crystals. These cannabis concentrates are made by heating the cannabis plant and then extracting the oil and the diamond crystals from it. Both of these concentrates have different effects depending on which kind you use, as well as whether you utilize liquid or solid oil. The oilier the concentrate, the more powerful the effect will be. The same is true for the diamond crystals; they produce the most amazing smoke when heated and create a very unique experience every time.


Both shatterless and diamond concentrates are available in liquids, which means you can dab them on your favorite plants or on your clothing. However, some people prefer to make their own little pieces, so that they can control the amount of vaporization and intensity of the flavor. If you prefer, you can even purchase air bubblers that will produce concentrated steam to ensure you get superior smoke.


It’s also possible to purchase capsules of cannabis concentrates, which are pure liquid extract. These capsules are available in a variety of different types, such as fruit flavor, flower flavor, chocolate, vanilla, jasmine, and many others. While some of these brands cost a little more than others, the different types will provide different amounts of potent concentrated flavor every time you consume them. In addition, when purchasing capsules, it’s always a good idea to try different varieties so that you can discover which ones have the most stimulating flavor.

To make the cannabis concentrates more concentrated, you can even put them into a blender. While you will need to add water, the mixture will become a more intense and potent drink. Some people prefer this type of potency so that they do not have to worry about consuming a very small amount. Once you try one of these beverages, you will likely want to try them all! The different types offered by various retailers can provide an enjoyable and new way to experience potent cannabis concentrates!

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