Elektra Strain: A New and Popular Hemp Strain

Hemp products are generally new on the market, and they are all gaining popularity. The Electra CBD strain or Elektra strain is among the many strains cultivated around the world and in the USA in particular. It gained popularity in the year 2019 after winning awards across the USA.

Generally, the Elektra hemp flower is becoming popular for the relaxation and calming benefits it offers, among others. Hence, you can take it after a day full of hassles and stress or any other time when you want to relax.

There is a lot we need to know about the Elektra strain before we understand why it is one of the most popular hemp strains. Thankfully, research has revealed a lot about cannabis products today.

Genetic Lineage of the Elektra Strain

The Elektra hemp strain is believed to have been first cultivated in Oregon as a crossbreed of Cannatonic and Early Resin Berry. The aim was to breed a low-THC and high-CBD crossbreed with numerous health benefits. 

To this day, the strain has evolved and become a celebrated product among CBD enthusiasts. It has more aroma, flavor, and appealing notes that will entice you to enjoy more every day. Thankfully, it is grown, packed, and distributed by some of the best experts in the world such as Cannaflower, and customers are assured of high-quality Elektra hemp products. 

Benefits of the Elektra Strain

With a high-CBD content of over 16%, low-THC content of 0.14%, and terpenes, the Elektra strain is packed with health benefits. It is also an exciting product to use because of the elevated citrus and earth notes. If you buy the Elektra hemp flower, you are likely to enjoy the following advantages.

  •     Promotes relaxation and calmness – The biggest benefit that has put Elektra hemp into the limelight is its relaxation and calming effect. Hence, you can take the product at any time of the day but mostly after exhausting events. Most people prefer Elektra strain products in the afternoon and evening when a calming effect is needed most.
  •     Reduces anxiety and depression – Most hemp products are good for reducing anxiety and depression. Electra has a perfect combination of b-caryophyllene, myrcene, and a-pinene terpenes that promote calmness and relaxation. The good thing is that it does not make you high.
  •     Enhances mood and energy – Do you want something that can enhance your mood and give you energy? Electra hemp is one of the best choices, especially if you buy it from a reliable seller who will deliver quality products. 
  •     Pain relief – CBD-packed Electra hemp products are also good for reducing pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain caused by illnesses or injuries, give Electra strain a shot, and you will enjoy the relief. However, medical experts recommend treating the cause of the pain because hemp will only reduce and not eliminate it completely.


As you can see, the Elektra strain has all the desirable benefits, which is why it has become very popular across the world. Actually, many people got to know about this product in 2019 after it won an award. You can try it today, and you will not regret it.

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