Harlequin Strain Information: Benefits, Origin, Potency, Reviews

Harlequin is a famous strain that is Sativa-dominant and is known for its elevated degrees of CBD. It has a Woody velvety undertone, but the prominent flavor that brings the charm of this strain is the mango-like sweet flavor. It is really similar to, however intriguing as the emulate after which it seemed to be named.

Understanding its origin-

Before the non-psychoactive CBD stream popped up( like Charlotte’s web), the most prevalent CBD-rich strain was Harlequin. Harlequin is around 75% Sativa, even though it misses the mark on major areas of strength for naturally Sativa high because of the relieving presence of CBD. The standard proportion of THC to CBD in Harlequin is 2:5. From the land of Thai switch Columbia gold and Nepali Indica assortments, this Sativa dominant strain came off in 1970. The qualities of all these assortments were interwoven, which gave the strain its name – “harlequin,” which initially alluded to the brilliantly designed ensembles of conventional Italian comedians of a similar name. It was tested, and the potential of this strain was estimated to be between 5 to 15% of CBD and 5 to 10% of THC. The CBD content of Harlequin in concentrate form and in its bud form has made it one of the most renowned strains of all time.

What are the benefits?

If you are expecting a powerful high, then this is not the strength for you. But if you want help and relief from discomfort in harsh and gentle circumstances, this will definitely help you. It can lighten the pain related to joint stiffness and firmness. The coming properties of this strain make it the most approachable strain in case of neurological and physical problems. Also, Harlequin can alleviate moderate queasiness. This training will help you with the head-high mental relaxation you are looking for instead of the body-high bulky and dull output. This is why it is more popular Both during the day and night. Only a few other strains like bubblekush can give such relief.

Harlequin is a therapeutic cannabis strain. It is principally utilized as a pain reliever and is endorsed by people searching for help from muscle fits, cerebral pains, joint agonies, and headaches. As it hoists your temperament and assists you with feeling looser, you could attempt this strain if you are experiencing discouragement or nervousness.

This CBD-rich strain can encourage the patient, give an energy surge, yet lets them be cool as a cucumber simultaneously. This strain’s three most conspicuous terpenes are beta-Pinene,d-Limonene, and alpha-Pinene. Harlequin OG can be utilized to assist with easing torment, irritation, melancholy, stress, and tension.

Like there’s not only one sort of weed, there’s not only one sort of torment. The three primary kinds are:

Neuropathic Pain: This can be brought about by a physical issue; however, it is intended for a physical issue to a nerve; mitigating prescriptions aren’t generally compelling

physical Pain: Sometimes called the “secret torment,” focal torment emerges without an actual physical issue. Fibromyalgia is one notable model.

Nociceptive Pain: The least demanding sort to comprehend, nociceptive torment results from an actual physical issue; it’s frequently treated with mitigating prescriptions

Fortunately, the harlequin strain is known to possibly treat each of the three sorts of problems in various ways.

How potent is it?

The delicate fragrance of mentholated dried mango twirls around the tongue, interspersed with the kind of overripe peaches. Gentle, flower feelings balance out the profound lavishness.

Harlequin has immense applications and influences individuals in exceptionally different ways. Numerous patients are floored by it — frequently for its restorative advantages.

In any case, different patients say that HQ awakens them to be valuable as a tranquilizer. Research affirms that CBD could increment readiness at any point and make psychoactive impacts, contingent upon the measurement. Harlequin is otherwise called a pain killer, among incalculably different things.

For the people who often wake in the evening and depend on marijuana to return to rest, Harlequin might be the way to a tranquil rest. 



Harlequin is THE strain everybody needs in their rotation(or on steady stockpile). Consider Harlequin the “exemplary” pot… [it produces] an extremely smooth, however inspiring and vivacious high, and exceptionally cheerful too. I feel that This strain was experimented with and made into an ideal strain. I’m yet to meet a solitary individual who doesn’t cherish Harlequin. Your attention is on the money with this strain. That irritating head pressure and “bleary-eyed” feeling make individuals sick while smoking a Sativa. All things being equal, your entire body gets quite high, with no adverse consequences, similar to suspicion or tension. 


Definitely a suggestable and worthy strain for those suffering from chronic pain and looking for relief. My sleeping pattern has improved drastically. I am suffering from rheumatic arthritis and seeking relief from this strain.

USER 3- 

Harlequin is an extraordinary strain that is high in CBDs. It rapidly lightens the aggravation in my body (knees and lower back) and permits me to work at 100 percent without the shadiness of different strains. It has additionally assisted with queasiness. I energetically suggest everybody have some in their medication bureau.

Harlequin- the conclusion

Steven, a marketing expert at canadiangrowsolutions.com, says Harlequin has been the most Reliable strain. It has a consistent fanbase. For people suffering from pain and sleep-related issues, I have been looking for external support other than modern medicines. The Harlequin strain has been able to give them the support they want.

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