Hemp Flower with Cherry Abacus

Sunset Lake CBD’s smokable dieselhemp.com flower lineup is dominated by Indica-dominant hybrid hemp strains, so Cherry Abacus is a perfect before-bedtime strain. 

Featuring a reddish-purple colour and an intriguing flavour profile, Cherry Abacus will captivate you. There are notes of cherry, red wine, and Coca-Cola in the flavour when smoked or vaped. 

Genetics by Cherry Abacus

Colorado CBD Seeds – Cherry x Abacus

The Cherry Abacus hemp flower strain has origins in some high-yielding marijuana strains, just like many CBD hemp flower strains. The THC has been bred out and the CBD has been bred in over time by geneticists. Over time, geneticists have bred out the THC and bred in the CBD.

How does Cherry Abacus differ from other strains?

There is a proprietary strain called Cherry Abacus from Colorado CBD Seeds. In 2016, Colorado CBD Seeds introduced Cherry Abacus as a fruity cross between Original Cherry and Abacus, its flagship strain. 

Cherry Abacus 2.0 differs from Cherry Abacus by being the result of a cross between Cherry Abacus and Abacus 2.0. Fruit Loops is another name for Cherry Abacus 2.0.

What is the sativa or indica status of Cherry Abacus?

You can tell Cherry Abacus from its height alone, as it is a hybrid hemp strain dominated by Indica. Cherry Abacus plants bloomed at chest height, unlike most of the Oregon CBD Seeds strains we grew. 

Indica hemp flowers are much smaller, dense, and heavier than Cherry Abacus hemp flowers. Despite their lack of size, Cherry Abacus hemp flowers have a powerful effect.

 How High Is Cherry Abacus?

You won’t get high or intoxicated from smoking Sunset Lake CBD’s Cherry Abacus hemp flower. 

The d9-THC content of smokable hemp must be less than 0.3% by dry weight to be classified as hemp flower and not marijuana. Smoking Cherry Abacus might make you feel more relaxed or chilled than high, like smoking traditional marijuana. 

Do You Know How Cherry Abacus Feels? 

Because Cherry Abacus is a dominantly Indica strain, you should only use it at night. It can make your eyelids and body feel heavy. Cherry Abacus hemp flower is often cited as a go-to for helping people relax and fall asleep.

An Aromatic and Tasty Cherry Abacus

There is a sweet cherry and fizzy cola smell in the air when curing Cherry Abacus. Under the cherry, some users may also detect hints of dry red wine. 

Cherry Abacus’s smell is a bit subdued at first compared to Sunset Lake’s other flower strains. It tastes dynamite, however.

 Information growth

Our Cherry Abacus hemp flowers germinated in our new greenhouses on Vermont’s Champlain Islands. We transplanted Cherry Abacus seedlings into their field rows once they were big enough to transplant. 

During germination, growth, flowering, or harvesting, we do not use pesticides. For pest control, we utilised the Trichogramma parasitic wasps, assassin bugs, and ladybugs with guidance from the University of Vermont extension school. 

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