How Does CBD Work in Vaping? How Does It Benefit You?

The Complete Guide to Vaping CBD

Before I explain my thinking on that, let’s examine exactly what CBD oil is and how it may benefit vapers.

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The disclaimer goes first, as it does whenever I talk about CBD.

While the NHS is currently ‘trialling’ CBD for pain and stress management, it is not yet recognized as therapeutic by the wider scientific community.

I am referring to the mainstream, a faceless mass of men and women in white coats that the government tells us to trust.

It is God’s word that they speak.

It is their job to be experts.

In order to get there, these folks have to undergo a ton of hoops – study for letters after their names – and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals.

As a result, I understand – they are ‘experts’.

On the whole, they are funded by Big Pharma – those huge corporations that cosy up to politicians while promoting medicines with potentially dangerous side effects.

I wrote about Suicide or Vaping in which the FDA and doctors are happy to prescribe a drug to ‘help’ quit smoking which may also increase your desire to commit suicide.

It would be impossible to count the number of instances where the ‘experts’ say and make us believe that the cure is worth the risk.

You might consider CBD as an alternative.

Let’s find out more about vaping CBD.

How does CBD work?

As a result of processing, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is removed from Cannabidiol [CBD] before it is used.

Essentially, you obtain cannabis’ known medicinal properties without getting drowsy.

Since people vape instead of smoking, they’re exposed to less of the nasties you get from burning – yes, even cannabis.

What is CBD vaping?

Vaping CBD can be tested in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you can vape CBD oil on its own or add a little to your usual e-liquid to make it more potent.

To find out whether it works for you, this can be the cheapest method.

If you’re going to use CBD oil for vaping, you’ll need to make sure it’s vapable.

Taxes and the extraction process make CBD pricey, but a 30ml bottle will last you a long time and you don’t need much, so it’s not going to break the bank.

A Personal Experience with CBD Vaping

Through my mother, I first learned about marijuana’s medicinal properties.

[Before the internet] she learned from others that cannabis provided the best pain relief for a variety of illnesses including osteoporosis.

Despite her giggly and spacey moments, it worked for her.

My back and neck suffer from prolapsed discs, and I have taken prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants for many years to treat the sometimes excruciating pain.

Despite the apparent relief, the side effects are soul-destroying.

I was like Johnny joked recently – rattling when I walked – as a result of complex trauma – PTSD – severe anxiety – depression, etc.

Before all these things happened, I smoked my first joint, and I have used cannabis in various forms ever since.

When I stumbled across some ‘herb’ a couple of years ago, I felt pain relief almost immediately – but I also felt high.

How does CBD affect the body?

This is life-changing for me – no more zombies and no more days without fun before the hangover.

As far as anxiety and pain management go, I find vaping CBD oil to be a perfect solution.

The need for a cigarette was overwhelming at times of stress for me as an ex-heavy smoker.

With my CBD vape, I can puff away and it acts as a kind of muscle memory.

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