How to store CBD Oil?

CBD oil has become very popular nowadays due to its wonderful properties. It offers many benefits in health conditions, like pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc. However, the big question after purchase of this oil is “How to store CBD oil?” Different people give different kinds of answers to this question. Some people suggest storing it in a refrigerator while others advise to keep it on a counter shelf.

I will discuss some tips in this article so that you can store CBD oil safely. These tricks will make sure that you get the best results when you use the oil. Here is the list:

Keep your CBD away from sunlight: The best way to store the oil is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Always place the oil in dry, dark, and cool conditions to increase its life. Your kitchen pantry is the best place to store the oil. A refrigerator is also a good option. 

But when you store your oil in the refrigerator, it becomes very thick and dense. So, whenever you take the oil out, make sure to place the bottle in warm water before use. Second, if you use this oil daily, avoid storing it in the freezer. Instead, store it in the refrigerator only if you use this oil occasionally.

Avoid placing your oil and other CBD products such as CBD capsules, hemp oil body lotion, etc. in direct sunlight as it degrades the quality of the oil. 

Prevent Heat Exposure: Heat exposure can destroy your full spectrum CBD oil, so keeping it away from direct heat contact is recommended. Never place it near the appliances that generate heat, such as a microwave oven, etc. 

The best way to keep your oil fresh for a long time is to place it in the coldest conditions. So, if you are a resident of a hot climate, keep it in the fridge.

Protect from air exposure: Just like heat and light, air also degrades the quality of CBD oil. Always place your oil in airtight bottles so that it can prevent air exposure. Make sure after every single use, seal it properly so that air does not exploit it. Manufacturers always sell oil in airtight containers, so make sure to store the CBD oil in the bottles provided by the manufacturers only.

If the oil degrades despite following the precautions of storage, will you be able to find that your oil has gone bad or not? I will mention some signs that tell the oil has been degraded:

  •         Oil colour changes from light to dark brown.
  •         It goes from thicker to thin.
  •         There is fog inside the bottle.

Storing the CBD oil and other CBD products properly will help you receive its maximum benefits. If you don’t store it the right way, it will affect the oil’s quality and it will become less effective. So, avoid light, heat, and air exposure to the oil. If you have any doubt about its expiry date or find any sign that it has gone bad, it is recommended to replace the product.

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