Interaction of Cannabis with body: a guide to how it works?

Several discoveries were made by scientists and experts who have studied Cannabis’s effects for years. There was not one but many components of Cannabis that they discovered and learned about the advantages and disadvantages of these components.

There was a lot of misinformation that people had earlier when Cannabis consumption was considered, but once the Studies were conducted, there were many myths that were busted, and people got to know about the benefits of using Cannabis.

Most importantly, the experts understood how it affects your brain and where exactly it affects you. Only after the studies were conducted were people able to understand how the endocannabinoid system works when the components of Cannabis enter the system.

The different components in this plant affect the body differently after consumption. Everything is related to these components, like how a person reacts, moves, or even how they feel.

Ingredients like THC and CBD are some of the main ingredients that show their effect on the endocannabinoid system and make it react the way it does.

Experts from Canadian Grow Solutions says, Cannabinoids are the chemicals that our body produces and are responsible for interacting with the endocannabinoid system to regulate and balance many bodily functions.

There are receptors in endocannabinoid systems that accept these chemicals and regulate different functions properly. So the components of Cannabis, like the THC and CBD, affect these receptors and react accordingly.

When these components enter the system, they artificially affect the endocannabinoid system and induce effects like euphoric sensations, happiness, and relaxation.

Aspects and Areas where they affect

There are many studies down the pipeline that need to be conducted in the natural flow of research, which will allow the experts to understand the different effects of Cannabis and its components better.

Research and development in this field are of top priority for experts to understand the benefits of Cannabis better and how they can use it for other medicinal aspects as well. After a lot of studies done to date, it is clear that there was a lot of doubt surrounding the use of Cannabis, but as the information and benefits about Cannabis are surfacing, the effects can be seen everywhere.

Legalization of Cannabis in many parts of the world is one such effect that is visible to the world after understanding its benefits.

Although there are many areas in which a deeper study and better knowledge are required, which is the purpose of the research taking place in this field, there are certain things that experts have no doubts about.

Everyone would agree that more knowledge with regards to Cannabis is required, and also the different strains and their effects also need to be studied. As we all know, there is not one but many different strains and hybrids that are available today.

The effects and taste can differ from one strain to another. For instance, the effects of the animal cookies strain are completely different from the pink runtz strain. Hence the effects of different hybrids need to be studied to create new and much more beneficial and satisfactory trains.

After a lot of research in this field, one thing can be said for sure there are certain areas that are primarily affected and sometimes visible. Here we will discuss some of the areas that are affected by it. 

  • Appetite
  •  Mood
  •  Memory
  •  Sleep
  •  Fertility

The above-mentioned areas are five aspects that are definitely affected by the consumption of Cannabis.


Different strains affect the appetite of the consumer differently. For example, there are certain strains that are specifically used to increase the appetite of people who are suffering from diseases whose side effects are loss of appetite and weight.


This is an aspect that most people know about and are specifically using certain strange to uplift their mood.

For example, people consume strains like Afghan Kush and the purple haze and feel upliftment and happiness for some time. The main reason behind opting for Cannabis as a solution to gain satisfaction is the effect it has on the mood of the user. 


when you are consuming Cannabis, there are psychotic effects on your brain, and hence your memory also is affected for a certain period. It is not necessary that you forget everything or you remember everything, but you can definitely see memory changes.


certain strains are specifically chosen to help the consumers with their sleep. There are many reasons for developing stress and anxiety in one’s life.

People often find different ways of dealing with them. Lack of sleep is also one of the main reasons behind stress. Users often take the help of Cannabis to induce sleep and get relief from stress.


Although it is not a visible symptom, it is known for sure that fertility also gets affected by the use of Cannabis. 

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