Plant Nutrition: How often do Marijuana plants need it?

Like every plant, marijuana also needs proper nutrition for its growth. Lack of adequate nutrition can affect plant health. Even the nutrition provided in amounts more than required can also cause damage to the plant. Ample accounts of nutrition and other minerals with proper timing to offer them to the plants is very important.


You would understand that marijuana or cannabis plants are very sensitive when nutrition is considered. You can easily notice even a minute imbalance in nutrition plant health. However, many people confuse proper nutrition with extra chemicals and supplements. This is where almost all beginners are first-time growers who make a mistake. Often they don’t even realize that the trees are actually burning out of overuse of chemicals while they are trying to make the plant grow healthy. It is important to understand that the plants should get the optimum amount of nutrients to make the best version of them.


Not only is it important to know how much nutrients and supplements should be provided, but it is also important to know when to give them to the plants. Sometimes the first-time growers make a common mistake of filling the nutrients in the soil at a very early age or at a later stage due to lack of knowledge. This is another reason why plants’ potency gets damaged, or the plant’s health is compromised. If you are growing from high cbd seeds, these points should be kept in mind during cultivation as the lack of knowledge or minor mistakes can affect the potency of the CBD levels of the plant. The plant won’t be able to deliver up to its full potential.


Important points regarding the nutrition requirements of marijuana plants


  1. Always consider organic nutrients over synthetic nutrients.

If you have the option of choosing between synthetic or organic nutrients, you should always consider organic nutrients as the best one. Organic nutrients are naturally made substances, and when they enter the soil, the absorption of the nutrition by the plants happens at a slower rate, so the plant gets time to properly use all the nutrients and give a better yield. Moreover, using these nutrients helps build a very rich ecosystem. So, whenever you get a chance to choose a nutrient, you must go for organic ones. The organic nutrient use will make the plant grow much better. You can expect a good yield with this nutrient. 

Also, the soil will remain fertile for the next crop. So there will be no need for any treatment of soil before you plant your next crop.


  1. Read the label clearly.


When you buy any fertilizer or supplement, it comes with a label attached to the bottle or container. This label has every information about the ingredients of the container, what nutrients are present, and in what quantity. This information is very important and should be necessary for everyone to read and understand the dose and usage. For instance, when you have a fertilizer with less calcium or magnesium, the dose should be managed accordingly. 

If you misread the information, you can end up making the plant lack nutrients or damage the plant with chemical overuse. There are also different types of fertilizer that different plants require. For example, if you are planting master kush seeds or rainbow kush seeds, the need for fertilizer and time to apply it would be different for different strains. The type of fertilizer needed also depends on the environment and the soil in which it is being planted. So whenever you are working with fertilizer, you need to check the label correctly and read the instructions carefully to understand when and in what amount the fertilizers should be given.


  1. The need for fertilizer is different in different stages.

Experts from truly believe that there are different ratios in which fertilizers should be given during different phases of plant growth. When the plant is in the seedling form for up to 3 to 4 weeks, you do not need to give any kind of further feeding. Until they enter the vegetative phase, they just need to be kept in a warm, humid environment.

When it enters the vegetative stage, the NPK ratio must be considered when using fertilizer on the plant. This ratio is important as fertilizer is needed during the vegetative stage, and when the ratio has followed, the chances of burning plants due to overuse of nutrients will not happen.


Final thoughts- 

Terpenes have acquired public mindfulness through the development and knowledge gain programs for marijuana. Associations and organizations working in cannabis markets have pushed instruction and advertising of terpenes in their items. But this can be achieved when you have good quality marijuana or cannabis growth. It is necessary to know everything about when, what, and how much fertilizer needs to be added to the crop to get the best quality cannabis.

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