Pot Photographs: How To Do It Like A Pro

Ever since the cannabis industry went through gradual legalization throughout the world, many farms, retailers, and cannabis brands have worked hard to present their products in the best possible manner.

Therefore, pot photography has gotten a lot of attention from photographers and the public. Because cannabis photography has become a necessary segment in cannabis marketing, photographers work hard to bring the best quality shots to the game.

If you are new to the cannabis industry or photography and are unsure how to make professional cannabis shots, have no worries. We’ll go over a few tips on taking professional cannabis photos!

Know your equipment 

Before you lure into the world of photography, you should inform yourself about the equipment you need. You might want to take price and quality into account, as you want to manage your budget and photo quality simultaneously. You can start working on your homemade studio by understanding how this notable cannabis photo studio Baltimore has made a name in the CBD photography segment.

If you already have a camera, make sure you go through all the settings and know how to manage them. Try to understand how the exposure triangle works, as many of your camera settings are crucial when shooting any type of photo.

You may also own a mobile phone with an exceptional camera which you can use to take high-quality photos. You’ll want to learn as much as possible about your camera settings and what your camera can do. If you have any troubles along the way, you can always search for answers and inspiration online.

Avoid flash shots

You might have experienced trouble maintaining your flash when taking photos if you’re a photographer. When not used correctly, flash can downgrade your photos, and you can say goodbye to your long-desired professional cannabis shots.

When taking pictures of cannabis, keep in mind that many cannabis strains have those well-known crystals which may reflect the flash from your camera. Because of that, you may lose the vibrant colors of the flower you’re shooting.

Therefore, try to use less flash when taking photos. Instead, you can try and find the best lighting techniques for your scene. However, using flash can be a good option if you lack light and want to achieve a different style of photography.

Lighting management

Lighting is a big step in getting high-quality shots of cannabis. Proper lighting settings can make an enormous difference in your photos. If you have sloppy light management, there’s a big chance you won’t be pleased with your pictures in the end. 

Try to use multiple desk lamps so you can light your flower from various angles. Also, you can try to put a piece of thin cloth or fabric on your lamp to get a dim light setting. Always take test shots with different light settings to get an idea of what you want to achieve.

Also, you can experiment with taking your shots outdoors. Sometimes, natural light can give you effects that studio lighting can’t. You can even play around with natural shadows and interesting backgrounds from nature.


Composition is something that represents your photo as a whole. A proper composition can make your shots less monotonous and spice up your shooting. So try to experiment with your scenery and find the best possible composition for your shots.

Give yourself a chance to explore different techniques and styles. You can play around with different backgrounds, lighting options, angles, and colors. You can even experiment with additional objects you can put next to your cannabis flower for a more interesting composition.

It all comes down to your will to explore as much as possible. Composition is something that will make your photos look exciting and desirable. It’s best to think outside the box and figure out what your photos need to look impressive.


One thing that can make your photos unique is your style and creativity. Although you just want to take a clear photo of a cannabis plant, spicing it up with something creative can turn it up a notch and make your photos even more astonishing.

We recommend that you play around with the background and make your photos seem less boring. You can also use different techniques for lighting, angles, exposition, contrast, and visual ideas.

Feel free to experiment as much as you can! You may learn new techniques and step up your photography game in general. Your personal touch defines you as a photographer, and of course, don’t forget to have fun along the way!


Cannabis photography is on its way to becoming an industry itself. Many cannabis brands worldwide constantly search for talented photographers who can offer unique, high-quality photos for their businesses.

Now can be the perfect time to try yourself out in cannabis photography. And who knows, you may succeed and become the desired photographer with amazing shots in your portfolio!

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