Reasons Why Buying CBD Oil Nearby at Local Stores is Best

A huge debate exists on whether you should be doing your CBD oil buying nearby at local stores or online. And while we appreciate the online argument, we’re here to tell you why buying CBD oil near you is better than going on the World Wide Web.

To know more about the reasons why, well you will have to continue reading. With all that said, let’s start.

Personal Service

The great thing about why you should be buying CBD locally is that you get personal service. This is the case with every brick and mortar store, but these rules especially apply when buying CBD.

Since the industry is booming, there is tons of competition. You might have a couple of stores nearby. But what all of them have in common is the fact that there will be someone to serve you.

This is quite possibly the single biggest difference between an online and in-store experience. Not only do you get personal service, but you also have the option to ask the store clerk anything.

That puts us nicely towards the next reason on this list, which is…

You Get an Expert Opinion

For those of you that are less familiar with CBD oil Canada, then it can be quite confusing when it comes to buying the right one for you. To put it simply, there are tons of CBD oil products. Not only that, but CBD oil differentiates into multiple sub-categories such as tinctures, capsules, edibles, skincare products, and even vape juices.

This can be quite a lot of information for first-time buyers. More so, each product is very much different than the next in terms of consumption, potency, and dosages.

So the real problem here is the sheer abundance of information that most people aren’t familiarized with. And going locally might just be the best way to shop for CBD oil as you get an expert opinion from the seller.

You can ask the store clerk whichever question you need an answer to, and you can expect an answer to be given. You can even ask them to recommend the right product for you based on your needs. If the store clerk is experienced, then you can rest assured knowing that they will provide you with the right information.

You don’t get the same level of service and opinions when shopping online.

Immediate Pickup

Yet another reason why it’s’ better to shop locally than online is the fact that you get immediate pickup of your products. Instead of waiting for the CBD oil to be delivered to your home, you can pay for it and be on your way. Some sellers don’t even offer free delivery on CBD oil products; which is a downside on its own.

What’s even better is also the fact that you can make your order via phone or online and simply head to the store for an immediate pickup. This way you are not only eliminating shipping and delivery fees, but you’re also eliminating delivery time. For a lot of buyers, they want to have access to oil now and then. And the only way to get that is by going local.

Supporting Local Businesses

We’re currently living in very turbulent times. A lot of people are losing their jobs because of this pandemic, and that’s a huge problem for the local economy.

The CBD industry is mostly focused on local shops. While bigger businesses do offer both in-store and online shopping, the vast majority of sellers are family-run dispensaries.

With such huge competition, it can be quite hard for the little guys to survive. And in many cases, it is these guys that grow their own hemp and make their own oil. If you ask most CBD oil consumers, they prefer doing business locally because they offer a better service than big businesses with dozens of stores across the nation.

What better way to show your support for your favorite dispensary than to keep them in business by buying their oil? It is a win-win situation that both the seller and the buyer can benefit from.

You Get to See the Product

For a lot of buyers, the deciding factor in this debate is the fact that buying locally allows you to inspect the product before making the transaction. False advertisement isn’t anything new. Not only that, but the vast majority of cases where products are falsely advertised are in the online world.

It’s much easier for sellers to trick buyers into buying a falsely advertised product online than in a physical store. When buying online, you can’t actually see what you’re buying. You have to trust the image as this is the only thing we can see.

When going locally, you can personally inspect the CBD oil. You can see the packaging, read the label, grab it in your hands, and even be offered free testing.

While you shouldn’t expect to be given a free sample on every product and every time you visit a local dispensary, it is a thing that some dispensaries do offer.

Free Returns

Most online stores don’t have the habit of offering free returns to unsatisfied customers. The reason behind it is that it requires a lot of effort from your end. If an online CBD shop does indeed provide free returns to unsatisfied customers, then you’d need to ship it out to a specific location and wait for a replacement product.

The logistics of this can sometimes be a nightmare. It’s much easier for a local store to offer free returns because all you need to do is simply go there and make your case as to why you want to return the CBD oil. It’s also much easier to make your case face-to-face with the seller than to have to write a long email.

You can expect free shipping from most local dispensaries, but you shouldn’t expect it when buying online.

Finishing Thoughts

There are many reasons why you should be buying CBD oil locally as opposed to online. Heading to the dispensary and being offered personal service is appealing to many buyers. Expert opinions, immediate pickup of the oil, personal inspection, free returns, and boosting the local economy are all valid arguments.

So if you have a particular local dispensary that sells quality CBD oil, you should consider doing business with them.

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