Spectrum CBD Purity: How Can It Be Determined?

CBD is one of the most potent extracts available on the market. It comes in different forms and products, including edibles, oils, tinctures, and topical applications/balms, just to mention a few.

However, for the general description of CBD, it can be found either as a full spectrum or broad-spectrum product., and sometimes as a CBD isolate.

The full spectrum CBD refers to products containing all-natural cannabis compounds, including THC. For the hem[p-derived CBD, the THC levels will be no more than 0.03 percent. Usually, the THC levels rise whenever flowers are extracted into the oil.

Spectrum CBD Purity

On the other hand, Broad-spectrum CBD has all naturally occurring hemp or cannabis plant components except for THC. If any THC is present, it is negligible and not worth mentioning because it is typically removed.

The last category of CBD is the CBD isolate, which is the purest form of CBD since it comprises CBD alone as all other components of the hemp plant have been eliminated. Whatever you choose is entirely based on your preferences.

Some people go for full-spectrum because they want to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp plant with all cannabinoids working together.

In contrast, others go for the broad spectrum because they want to enjoy the goodness of terpenes and flavonoids but without the THC.

For those who choose the isolates, the chances are that they are seeking to find odorless and tasteless products with no other components except CBD.

Whatever one chooses to go for, what matters most is to find the best product in the market. So how do you ensure you pick the right spectrum CBD with the highest purity forms? Keep reading to uncover more details.

Consider Third-Party Testing

One of the easiest ways to tell that you are picking the best full-spectrum CBD product is to consider third-party testing.

The product you pick must go through third-party testing. This means that it should have evidence of a third-party lab test.

Most reputable products will come with a COA label which you can scan using your smartphone to discover the details of the external lab tests. Most websites and retailers will also have the COA details. 

If you cannot find the COA details, it is your responsibility to email the company and request the lab test results, especially if it indicates the product’s point. You should watch out for important details even if you cannot understand everything else.

Check the Labels

The best CBD products will have a label with every vital detail you need to know. The first thing you need to check is the CBD and THC concentration levels. You want to buy a product that matches your current needs and not blindly pick any product from the shelves. Accurately and adequately labeled products will indicate the exact amounts of components in them. Beware of labeling inaccuracies because it is a rampant issue that affects most products from different companies. 

Research has shown how only 31% of products on the shelves are accurately labeled, so you need to pay attention to indications and inconsistencies as these determine the purity levels in the said products. It is possible to find that some of the products either have higher concentrations than indicated or lower concentrations than what is displayed on the labels. Therefore, to avoid making costly mistakes, compare different bottles of products to be sure that each label has the same. What’s more, use other parameters to confirm that the product you are picking is excellent and pure.

Check Out the Cannabinoid Profile

Now that you have to go for a full or broad-spectrum CBD product, you know what to expect and what not to find in other products. For both spectrum products, specific cannabinoids must be indicated to be present for you to know that it is a pure product. Watch out for products that contain the following cannabinoids:

  • Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC) 

These components must be present to know that you are selecting the right product. While both spectrums will have a few differing details, the basics and shared cannabinoid profiles are a great way to determine the purity of the product.

Ask for Additional Lab Charts

Once you confirm that the product underwent basic third-party testing, please do not leave it at that. Continue to request additional lab charts with more details on the lab analysis. It is essential to know if any harmful chemicals were used to grow the original hemp or cannabis plant extracted to form the CBD product you are buying on the shelves. Remember that any toxic substance will still get to the finished product and cannot be ignored. Always check the column of these analyses to find out if there are any contaminants and pass the safety test. In the end, the product you purchase needs to be clean and safe above everything else.

Final Thoughts

Buying the right CBD spectrum product is not about getting the most popularized brand. Instead, it has a lot to do with finding quality products that have passed all the necessary tests to be labeled safe and pure. Note that most CBD products may seem easy to find until you get into the details. Take time to research and confirm ingredients.

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