The Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is witnessing exponential growth with no visible end. The cannabis market is expected to double to $41.5 billion in the US by the end of 2025. There are multiple big opportunities that social media presents for cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis Social Media Cannabis social media marketing can widen your business’ reach at a global level. You can learn to concoct more targeted and impactful content. Effective use of various social media platforms and tools can boost your cannabis brand’s awareness and recognition. Ultimately, it acts as a medium to make your services reach out to improvised customers and clients and enhances the cannabis business social network.

Cannabis is a tightly regulated industry, and social media has its own set of rules and regulations regarding cannabis-relevant content. So, cannabis social media dispensaries must review all the social media guidelines to carry out their business accurately and legally. Of course, you don’t want your cannabis brand to be banned from any such platform. So, it’s essential to know what you should do and, more importantly, what you shouldn’t do while marketing your cannabis business on social media.

Do’s of Cannabis Social Media Marketing 

  • Prioritize Customer Education

Post informative and educational facts, including data, statistics, graphics, quotes, health reports, research results, etc. Avoid content that spreads harmful myths about cannabis products. Instead, educate readers about their health benefits. The marketing content that you post should appear to be an informative piece of text unlike those focused on direct promotions.

  • Keep on Cross-checking Your Sources

Always make sure that the information you are posting is accurate and that its sources are trustworthy and reliable. Keep track of diverse social media platforms to adhere to the latest rules. Post updated content like mint news on legislative updates, researched data and analytics, and health-related articles and reports. The sources you attain facts from must be well-authenticated and trustworthy. Reporting wrong facts can be dangerous to your cannabis business’ rapport.

  • Include Subtle Images of your Products

Do you know it’s illegal to mention that your cannabis products are for sale or trade? Hence, posting images as healthy and lifestyle shots is advised as it doesn’t seem to be promoting its usage. You read that you need to be smart while handling social media for certain kinds of restricted products like cannabis. Take the assistance of some reputed cannabis marketing agencies as their marketing professionals have expertise in all relevant aspects and procedures.

  • Be Updated

Social media faces many rules and regulations, especially in the context of cannabis products. In addition, the rules, regulations, terms, and policies there are modified every day, so be sure to stay abreast of the latest updates to run your online cannabis business smoothly. Building strong cannabis business social network can help you communicate with other cannabis professionals and staying in touch with each other earns access to various changes and modifications occurring in the cannabis industry.

Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

  • Avoid Direct Selling of Cannabis Products

Never admit online that your product is for sale, trade, or delivery. Stop using quotes and texts that ask people to buy it. In fact, the content shouldn’t seem like it’s encouraging people to contact you. Avoid mentioning the prices of the products. It isn’t fair to post images promoting sales of such cannabis products. Finally, don’t provide any contact information to buy your cannabis products. What you can do is include a link directing to your website.

  • Avoid Being Salesy

Focus on generating content that educates readers and builds trust and rapport among them. Don’t focus on selling and purchasing activities. Instead, remember to be subtle with your cannabis social media marketing posts. The marketing content for certain restricted products like cannabis shouldn’t be involved in direct promotion. Instead, it should be written in a more descriptive and informative manner.

  • Don’t make any Medical Claims

Focus on the health benefits that cannabis products offer using customer testimonials. However, be careful towards undiscovered facts and avoid bragging about anything without any reliable proof as it may land you and your cannabis brand in a problem.  Mention the actual details along with its source and research data.

  • Avoid Promotion

Social media platforms don’t allow business pages to run paid ads in case of dealing with regulated products like cannabis. So, it is recommended not to indulge in paid ads for the trade and sales of your cannabis business. Avoid words like, ‘sales’, ‘buy’, ‘purchase’, ‘sale’, ‘contact’, etc. Instead describe the actual facts and benefits of cannabis products and add a link to your cannabis website in-between.

Wrapping Up

Marketing cannabis business on social media has its own risks. The cannabis industry sees many restrictions and is still illegal in some areas. So, cannabis social media marketing requires extra caution. As the owner of

a cannabis business, be updated with all the rules, regulations, and terms because these keep on changing from time to time. Develop creative and effective social media strategies to stay compliant with the restrictions. Multiple social media platforms have their own specific strengths and restrictions.

There are many social media platforms which are dedicated specifically to cannabis products where the professionals in the cannabis industry share their skills, connect with others and stay up to date with changing information and dynamics of the industry. These are termed as cannabis business social network. In this way, one can connect with other users in the industry and can acquire deeper insights.

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