Tips for Using CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years. There have been multiple studies into the effectiveness of CBD tinctures and so far, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Note that CBD tinctures are similar to, but not the same as CBD oils. Let’s have a thorough look at what CBD tinctures are, what are their benefits, how to make the best use of them, and more in this piece.

CBD Popularity

The explosion of interest in CBD has been a thing of great discussion. Everyone from governments to media companies and news websites to common citizens is talking about CBD supplements of all types. Two that stand out in the crowd are CBD oils and CBD tinctures. Studies have shown that CBD tinctures can help alleviate anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and help manage other specific conditions as well.

Before anything, however, we first need to understand what CBD tinctures are.

Understanding CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are compounds made by dissolving components in alcohol. Consequently, CBD tinctures are alcohol-based compounds and not oils. They are similar to CBD oils in their packaging shapes in the majority of cases, but the two items are quite different from each other.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the two key components of cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it cannot make you high. Marijuana is used for recreational purposes mainly because it contains large amounts of THC, which is a psychoactive compound. In comparison to products with newer cannabinoids like HHC, CBD actually inhibits the psychoactive effects of THC in cases where CBD and THC are both present within the same formula (such as hemp).

CBD is manufactured for a wide variety of applications and is primarily used as oils, tinctures, gummies, and so on. The uses include treatment of anxiety, pain relief, help against certain types of seizures, and so on.

In this piece, we are focusing on CBD tinctures, a specific form of introducing CBD’s health effects to the body.

What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are made by processing CBD with alcohol. It is an alcohol-based supplement, much like other tinctures. CBD tinctures also include other ingredients such as terpenes and isolates that help the body better work with the CBD, or just by providing side benefits. CBD tinctures are taken as drops. Depending on the type of tincture you get, you may even be able to experience the entourage effect, which is an effect that results from variety of cannabinoids working in harmony after consumption of full spectrum products.

The cannabis plant is soaked in a solution of water and alcohol. Other ingredients are also mixed in to get the final product.

CBD tinctures do not make you high. They are used to treat pain, anxiety, and more without having any psychoactive effects or mental influence.

So, are CBD tinctures the same as CBD oil? As you now know, the answer is no. CBD tinctures are not the same as CBD oils even though the two terms have been used almost interchangeably, especially around the 2018 Farm Bill’s time. In CBD oils, plant extracts are simply infused in a medium or carrier, most likely coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. CBD oils are not alcohol-based.

Benefits of using a CBD Tincture

Bored of using other forms of CBD? CBD tinctures, quite like other CBD products, are scientifically proven to provide these benefits in some capacity in a better and more controlled way:

  • Aiding in anxiety and depression,
  • Treating certain epilepsy syndromes,
  • Treating opioid addiction,
  • Inhibit arthritis and its symptoms,
  • Relieving chronic pain,
  • Aiding in managing diabetes symptoms,
  • Protecting against specific neurological diseases, and
  • Helping fight against disorders, ALS, and PTSD symptoms.

Generally, the pain relief and anxiety-offsetting qualities of CBD tinctures are most well-known.

Tips on Using CBD Tinctures

Using CBD tinctures is pretty easy. If you are buying after consultation, then make sure you follow all the steps and directions provided by your healthcare provider.


Tinctures are always taken in smaller dosages than other CBD supplements such as oils or gummies. Though overdosing isn’t a threat, controlling the intake is always helpful. Larger dosages are especially unimportant if you are taking the CBD tincture for therapeutic purposes. Always go with recommended dosages.

Product Type

There are two product types: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain all cannabinoids as well as the other plant compounds. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD tinctures contain everything without THC – the psychoactive component found in the species. Which one you go for depends completely on your use case.

Best Time to Use CBD Tinctures

There are different reasons for using CBD tinctures. As a result, there are also different best times. For example, some might want to take them before bedtime as drowsiness is a pretty rampant side effect of CBD. It also improves sleep. But if you are into CBD tinctures for pain relief, you will need to consult your healthcare provider. For recreational use, whenever you have time to chill sounds like a good time. Consult your healthcare provider in more specific cases, such as using CBD tinctures for niche health benefits or work/productivity applications.

Sourcing the Right Way

Only limit your search to reputable CBD tincture suppliers. It is very common and easy to get duped into buying low-quality stuff often readily available on shelves or online stores. Know the best brands that concentrate on quality and be ready to shell a few more bucks for that quality, you will thank us later. All reputable suppliers will provide lab results for all batches. This information is quickly available on their websites. If a supplier’s website is lacking such information or certification information, you might want to steer clear of it and look for a better source for your CBD tincture needs.


In conclusion, CBD tinctures can offer a vast plethora of benefits. Hopefully, you now understand what to look out for when shopping for CBD tincture products.

Remarkably more effective than other similar products such as hemp flower or CBD oil and devoid of THC, CBD tinctures are greatly popular for their safe health benefits.

And oh, a couple of bonus tips.

  • Whenever purchasing CBD tinctures, don’t settle for dirt cheap ones. They lack any substantial effect because they lack core ingredients that help CBD do its magic.
  • You also need to pay attention to COA, or Certificate of Analysis. The COA represents the tincture’s cannabinoid concentration and purity. If it is missing, then the brand is likely duping you into buying an ineffective formula with low CBD quantity.

Happy shopping!

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