Understanding CBD Bioavailability & Why It Matters

The whole CBD industry in Canada has grown so big and there’s nothing that can stop it now. Every year the industry grows bigger, and more and more Canadians are relying on CBD products. And arguably, there are so many benefits that CBD can give you, from easing some common ailments to helping you sleep.

With the amazing growth of the CBD industry, many Canadians are in need of more knowledge regarding CBD. Knowledge like safe consumption, dosage control, purchasing the right product, third-party lab test results, and more. Additionally, there is one more interesting thing that can help you enjoy CBD more than before: CBD bioavailability.

You probably have heard of CBD bioavailability before or, perhaps, this is the first time you’ve heard of it. In this article, we’ll learn more about CBD bioavailability and why it matters.

Why do people take CBD?

Canadians take CBD for various reasons. Some are suffering from some common ailments that can be annoying and disruptive. Therefore, they need CBD to alleviate the problems. Sleeping issues, for example, are very common nowadays. CBD is already famous thanks to its potential for anxiety-related disorders and, ultimately, help people to sleep better.

No matter what their reasons are, it’s important to use only high-quality products with proper dosage, and a bit of patience on top of that. Not to mention that there are plenty of options when it comes to which CBD product you want to use.

Introduction to CBD bioavailability

Bioavailability is the rate and degree at which a substance is absorbed into your bloodstream, of course, in this case, is CBD. The term is also used for all kinds of drugs that can be consumed by human. And it’s useful to measure how much of each drug you can and need to absorb. There are various methods of dosing CBD, and each may have a different bioavailability.

So if you’re serious and want to be more critical about the dosage, you should learn about the CBD bioavailability of the product you use from a trusted source. But why do we really need to measure the bioavailability of CBD in the first place?

Why CBD bioavailability matters

CBD and other cannabinoids are lipophilic molecules, or in other words, oil-based compounds that are not water-soluble. Meaning, if you place CBD oil into water, it will float. So cannabinoids in their natural state do not mix with water well or at all. This matters a lot because as you already know our bodies are up to 60% water. Naturally, our bodies can’t absorb and dissolve CBD well.

So, the term bioavailability refers to the amount of the active ingredient or AI in the compound that our bodies could absorb. If the AI in the compound is injected directly into the bloodstream, we’ll get 100% bioavailability. On the contrary, if a compound is ingested, it will have to go through a first-pass metabolism or through the liver.

This is where the enzymes within the liver is degrading the AI. And any ingested lipophilic compound that is being processed this way will have no chance of passing the AI completely. So 100% bioavailability is pretty much impossible to happen. But then again, I don’t think any CBD manufacturer has ever claimed to have achieved 100% bioavailability in their products.

This affects many things for the end-user and all Canadians. You will have to consider the bioavailability of the product you’re using to figure out the proper amount of CBD you need to take. Because if your ailments are severe, you may want to take a larger dose than normal. And if you’re not considering the bioavailability of your product, you may not get enough CBD to get the benefits.


Understanding the bioavailability of CBD allows you and other consumers in Canada to decide what is important to them in a CBD product, including the best dosage. If they want to have more fun with CBD and an easy way to take it, there are products for them like CBD gummies or chocolates. On the other hand, if speed and cost-effectiveness are a major concern, they can opt for CBD vapes or oil.

Bioavailability is also critical for manufacturers. It can be used as a metric to create products that people need and allows them to cater to various kinds of consumers. All in all, bioavailability is useful for everyone, and you should take note of it the next time you’re shopping for a CBD product.

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