Vaping And Live Resin: What You Should Know

At your local pot store, live resin is generally referred to as sugar, sauce, sap, jelly, shatter, and badder depending on its form and viscosity. We decided to focus on what it means when vaping live resin, since there are so many ways to interact with it. Vaping live resin is the topic of this blog.
Vaping live resin concentrates offers the best opportunity to enjoy the terpenes (taste & flavour) of cannabis flowers. Cannabis flowers have distinct aromas and flavours, but translating them into consumable vape products is difficult. Before the final product is made, there are many intermediate processes that occur with the plant that could and do remove valuable flavours and aromas. As a result of the extraction process, the concentrate often lacks the true essence of the flower, but extraction processes have evolved to produce terpene-free live resin cartridges that deliver a full flavour profile without degrading the terpenes – this is the gold standard in vaping at the moment – only live Rosin is the diamond standard.
Live resin: what is it?
In order to preserve the full flavour and taste of freshly harvested cannabis, this form of cannabis concentrate is made by flash freezing it. To perform this process properly, extractors flash freeze the fresh flower to subcritical temperatures both before and throughout the extraction process.

Live resin extraction differs from other methods in terms of potency and overall flavour profile. Trichomes (the very fine hair-like appendages or outgrowths on the plant) can typically be damaged by the drying and curing process. When live resins are processed, the extractors flash freeze the plants after harvest and keep them frozen throughout extraction, followed by curing within 36 hours of thawing. Live resin is primarily extracted by passing plant material through a solvent that is vaporised out of the final product in the same way other concentrates are made. The live resin process differs from other concentrates in that the solvent is cooled to -40 degrees Celsius for extraction and the final product is purged of solvents at a much lower temperature. As a result, the product retains its original flavour and fragrance while maintaining the integrity of the terpenes.
Live resin carts differ from other vaping products
Compared to other vape products, the terpene profile in live resin is incredibly heightened. Terpene profiles in live resins are more robust and concentrated. You will also experience a more intense psychoactive experience thanks to the more complex and higher terpene profile. A terpene’s interaction with CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids will occur in this situation. Live resin will easily outperform other vape concentrates based on all of these factors.

Various live resin products can differ in viscosity and terpene profile and not all live resin products are created equal. The terpene profile of the end product concentrate will depend on the terpene profile of the original strain used in the extraction process.

Here’s a tip
Vaping live resin rather than smoking it through a bong or a joint will preserve the flavour and aroma of the resin, as smoking it through a bong or joint will destroy the terpene effects that have been carefully preserved. It is this benefit that makes vaping so appealing.

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